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Is one of the medical students at Sumy State University who had to flee Sumy in Ukraine leaving everything behind. She has chosen to go back to Nigeria and continue her studies organized by her Ukrainian university online but for this she needs a laptop and a good Internet connection before resuming her classes on April 1, 2022 until June 30, 2022. WIFI routers in Nigeria are very expensive, averaging £110 per month and a secondhand laptop is an average of £800.

Could you help Aisha continue her studies in Nigeria?

“I am a medical student in my 4th year at Sumy State University in Ukraine and I had to leave because of the situation in the country. So before the war, like a month earlier, I became seriously ill with GERD, duodenitis and cholecystitis, a large part of my parents' funds were exhausted with the payment of hospital bills and tuition fees because it was the beginning of a new semester. Then, when the war started, my mental health also deteriorated as I started having anxiety and panic attacks, and then a few days later I was able to take a taxi from Sumy, for which my parents paid a lot of money for while they were already financially affected, and thank God we arrived in Hungary safely and we were well received and got a 30 day visa. In my fears of  exceeding the duration of my visa and due to my already severely affected mental and physical health, I made the decision to return to Nigeria […] . Unfortunately, even basic amenities are not available and my parents do not have the financial capacity to help me at the moment. I need your help until the situation in Ukraine stabilizes…
“Aisha Ojikutu, 23 years”