Digitalising Africa collaboratively!

Passion. Expertise. Connections. Reach.
Passion. Expertise. Connections. Reach.

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Passion. Expertise. Connections. Reach.

The 21st Century will be Africa’s golden years. People from all over the world want to live, work and do business in Africa. We are part of those who want to do business with Africa, empowering each nation at a time to network with small to medium sized businesses in other parts of the world and leverage the expertise of business owners to share best practice and grow collective interest.
We believe that digitalisation is one of the most effective tool we have to commerce globally with Africa contributing to the socio-economic development of the continent and supporting both private and public entities to digitalise and upskill their competencies in E-commerce.
Opportunities within our reach through digital solutions transcend bureaucracy. Entities become more autonomous and can adapt to changes.
In addition, we facilitate the logistics and distribution of products made in Africa to continental Europe through our partners to consolidate these international networks, taking pride in sharing the culture and the story behind each product and collaboration. Our reach is extensive, both in terms of socioeconomic impact and through the strong connections and relationships we’ve built with international investors, African companies on the continent and in other parts of the world, Civil Society Organisations, academic institutions, and opinion leaders in countries across the continent.
We have a solid, structured and efficient team and we are proud of the African dynamism.
Mfunguamoyo Corporation, Digitalising Africa collaboratively!